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white Echinacea planting design

landscaping : :

planting design
construction : :

Wilkinson Cox can construct all aspects of your new garden to the high standard a great design deserves. We are highly experienced in paving, steps and walls, using a range of materials. We construct bespoke fencing and screening as well as pergolas and other wooden structures, such as raised vegetable beds and compost bins.

Verbena planting design
planting schemes : :

Our extensive knowledge, based on a love of plants, enables us to work with you to create stunning planting schemes that will enhance your garden.

large tree planting : :

Wilkinson Cox have over 30 years experience in the aesthetics, mechanics and science of supplying and planting large trees and are experts in recommending the right tree for the right place.

Sourcing - we have relationships with the best tree nurseries in the UK and Europe and offer a wide range of beautiful trees up to 12m tall.

Pre-planting site analysis - we can offer expertise in soil analysis, pH and nutrient status, topsoil specification, drainage advice, pit specification and guying specifications.

Planting - we understand how to plant trees to give them the best chance of flourishing.

Aftercare - we can specify a maintenance and aftercare programme as well as vitality monitoring to help nurture the newly planted trees to independence.

Whether it is just planting one tree or a whole avenue we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

large tree planting
Cercidiphyllum tree planting
aftercare : :

We offer flexible packages to maintain and develop your garden.

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