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Cercis used in garden design

garden design : :

garden design by Josie Cox Garden Design

Lavander planting design
consultation : :

This is the initial visit where we discuss what you are looking for from your graden and explain to you the way we work. It also gives us the chance to familiarise ourselves with the site. We are then able to prepare a cost estimate to carry out the next two stages of a site survey and detailed design.

Cistus planting design
site survey and detailed design : :

Any design work needs to be based on an accurate survey. This will be undertaken either by us, or, on more complicated sites, by a surveyor.

The detailed design is the new floor plan of the garden and shows the proposed ideas. These are presented in plan view and with elevation drawings to more easily understand the design.

master plan, construction details and specifications : :

The master plan incorporates any changes from the initial design and shows all the setting out dimensions, levels and other relevant information required. We can also supply construction details and specification documents if you wish the project to go out to tender.

Pennisetum planting design
Euphorbia planting design
planting plan : :

This shows the location and spacing of plants, their species and number within the design.

project monitoring : :

We can monitor the progress of the work to ensure it is carried out to the highest standard, on time and to budget.

garden design drawings
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