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Cercis flowers planting design
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Garden design is by Josie Cox Garden Design. Projects range from urban gardens both large and small, through to country gardens. We work closely with you to create beautiful professional designs.

Echinacea flower in landscaping
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If you choose Wilkinson Cox to create your garden then our highly experienced team will carry out the construction and planting for you. We focus on making your garden design come to life quickly and reliably, without hassle and unnecessary cost, using a team of people you will be happy to have around.

Opitz tree spades
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large tree transplanting : :

Wilkinson Cox are the sole agent in the UK and Ireland for Opitz, who have the largest tree spades in Europe:

Optimal 1700 - transplants trees up to 45cm stem circumference.

Optimal 2500 - transplants trees between 45cm and 75cm stem circumference.

Optimal 3000 - transplants trees between 75cm and 150cm stem circumference.

We can discuss the most effective way of transplanting your existing trees and offer site visits to look at viability and logistics. We also offer aftercare including root zone rehabilitation, health monitoring and guying.

Winter berries

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